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Risk Analysis

Dear Trader/Investor,
The risk profiling questionnaire is meant to measure the risk tolerance as well as time horizon in investing. The Questionnaire is designed to access which type of investment approach may suit you best. Please answer the following questions by selecting appropiate response to each question

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  • Owner- Abhishek
  • Type of Registration-Individual
  • Registration number- INA100008452
  • Validity of registration- Perpetual
  • Address- Plot No. 244P, Sec 9A, Urban State, Gurgaon- 122001, Haryana, India
  • Corresponding SEBI Regional Office Address- NBCC Complex, Office Tower-1, 8th Floor, Plate B, East Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi – 110023

Telegram / Whatsapp:-  +919953236776

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